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April 2013

Regional Collaboration on Special Educational Need (SEN) and Learner’s with a Learning Difficulty or Disability (LLDD)

The spreadsheet (linked below) provides details of a recent survey undertaken to identify how local authorities are working together to meet the needs of children and young people with special educational needs. The Children’s Improvement Board provided funding for this survey and the details about each region refer to the CIB networks in that area. In light of the decision by the Government to withdraw the funding to the CIB, these details will be amended in due course. Other suggested amendments or additions to the data should be sent to Karen Denyer at the Local Government Association. New versions of the list will be available on the LGA Knowledge Hub – see below for details.

Local authorities in every part of England are working together on SEN and LLDD issues and have been doing so for many years. The results from this survey show that whilst there are differences in how local councils undertake this collaboration, every area wishes to use these networks to disseminate learning from the SEND Pathfinder Projects and to discuss funding with the Department for Education and Education Funding Agency.

Details of the survey have been shared with local councils, government agencies, SEN lobby groups and representatives of schools, colleges and other providers. All are encouraged to further develop their links with local councils through these contacts, not withstanding the need for contact with individual councils.

The LGA will continue to provide support to councils on SEN Issues, through its Additional Needs Expert Group, which also uses the Knowledge Hub to support council officials - more information is available at knowledgehub.

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Development Demonstrators

The Children’s Improvement Board has been working with 23 Development Demonstrator councils, which are sharing their approaches, experiences and challenges in tackling the issues stemming from the Munro Review and narrowing the gap at the Early Years.

At the link below you’ll find upcoming opportunities to share learning being offered by these Demonstrators to the end of March 2013, with email or web details for further details. You can choose from physical events hosted by Demonstrators, or learn at your desk through “virtual” opportunities such as conference calls, webinars, online Q&As and discussion forums. All sessions are free, and more are planned for 2013/14.

For more information, click here.