ADCS, LGA and SOLACE position paper on Inspection

ADCS publishes a tri-partite policy position paper on inspection, developed in conjunction with the LGA and SOLACE. It sets out a new approach to the inspection of children's services.

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March 2015

ADCS Policy Position Papers

Orchestrating the System for the Benefit of Children and Young People; Education; and, Early Years

ADCS has produced this short suite of policy position papers, the purpose of which is to offer ADCS members’ professional advice to policy-makers and influencers on a small number of key issues that members consider are facing the sector in the coming year. Our aim in publishing these papers now is to contribute to the debate in the run up to the general election.

We have chosen the following three aspects of policy: Orchestrating the System for the Benefit of Children and Young People; Education; and, Early Years.

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Orchestrating the System for the Benefit of Children and Young People; Education; and, Early Years policy position papers including foreword from Alan Wood, ADCS President.

Stand alone papers:

» Orchestrating the System for the Benefit of Children and Young People

» Education

» Early Years

March 2015

What is Care for - Alternative Models of Care for Adolescents

This position statement is the second in a short series that articulates ADCS members’ collective aspirations for the care system. In particular, this statement reviews the key messages from evidence relating to models of adolescent care provision, examines whether there might be alternative models better suited to the needs of adolescents, looks at the balance of parenting responsibility between the state and a young person’s family, offers some propositions for debate, and makes some recommendations as to how we might move forward. The paper builds on the premise that “adolescence” is a construct that does not respect boundaries and asks whether we need to challenge the conceptual underpinning of our current range of services designed to meet the needs of young people.

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research in practice was commissioned by ADCS to undertake a rapid review of the evidence from research and practice on models of adolescent care provision beyond the residential children’s home model.

Evidence scope: models of adolescent care provision - research in practice evidence review

April 2013

Adopter recruitment, assessment and approval: ADCS, LGA and SOLACE commitments to a sector-defined approach to increasing the number of approved adopters

ADCS, LGA and SOLACE have issued a letter and paper outlining the respective commitments of a sector-defined approach to addressing adopter shortage, both of which have been sent to Children and Families Minister, Edward Timpson. The sector-defined commitments in the paper represent our three organisations’ respective commitments to addressing the shortage of approved adopters.

We have made these commitments in response to the Minister’s challenge to the sector, laid down in his foreword to ‘Further Action on Adoption’: “We will not hesitate to intervene where we believe this is in children’s best interests. However, we recognise that this is a radical step and if local authorities are able to bring forward alternative proposals that will deliver a radical shift in the system’s capacity then we will not need to use the power. I encourage our partners in the sector to come forward with their proposals for addressing the current failures in the system”.

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March 2013

What is care for?

What is care for? position statement

ADCS has set out initial proposals for a re-examination of the care system. The paper highlights some key issues that Directors of Children’s Services will develop further in the coming months.

October 2012

ADCS Position Statement on Adoption - July 2012

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July 2012

ADCS Position Statement on Adoption

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December 2011

Family Justice Review - ADCS written evidence

Following on from informal evidence given to the Family Justice Review on 21 September 2010, ADCS has produced a paper which has been submitted to the review for consideration.

FJR written evidence

October 2010

Joint LGA ADCS React briefing on 16-19

Briefing on changes to the funding arrangements for 16 – 19 education announced by Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Education on 19 July 2010.

16-19 Briefing

ADCS Safeguarding Analysis 2010

ADCS commissioned Carole Brooks to undertake a national data collection and analysis project to evaluate the impact of the effects of increased child protection and safeguarding activities.

Data analysis report

Data analysis Executive Summary

April 2010

Family intervention strategies and FIPs

Letter from ADCS President to the Secretary of State - early messages

Early messages - appendix

March 2010

Joint ADCS ADASS position on Social Work Task Force recommendations

Joint ADCS ADASS shared position: 13 key principles for taking forward the Social Work Task Force recommendations

ADCS and ADASS strongly welcome the Task Force’s report and believe that it provides a solid foundation for building a coherent and sustainable profession, operating in a framework that recognises the challenges and complexity of social work and provides the support required to meet those challenges. We believe that there are some key principles that should shape the responses from central government, employers and the sector as a whole, in order to ensure the reform programme meets the expectations of all involved in driving improvements.

December 2009

ADCS Position paper on inspections

ADCS Position paper on inspections

Our objectives in publishing this position paper are: to bring together in one place the views variously expressed by ADCS members on inspection matters; To identify what we believe to be the very serious problems with the current Ofsted inspection model as part of the Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA); to acknowledge what is good in the new inspection frameworks, including the inspection of schools although the principal focus of this paper is not on the school inspection framework, and the recent initiatives on the part of Ofsted designed to address concerns raised by ADCS and others; and to state clearly the Association’s position on the retention of a single inspectorate regulating and inspecting the delivery of services for children and young people in England including the integration of the inspection of children’s health services into the same single inspectorate.

November 2009