The Association of Directors of Children’s Services Ltd (ADCS) is the national leadership association in England for statutory directors of children’s services and their senior management teams working in local authorities in England.

Ordinary Membership

Ordinary membership of the Association is open to statutory directors of children’s services (DCSs), senior managers who report directly to a statutory director of children’s services (second tier managers), and senior managers who report directly to second tier managers (third tier managers).

Associate Membership/ Associates Network

ADCS Associate membership is open to colleagues who have previously held a senior role within a local authority children’s services department (from directors to third tier managers), who would have previously qualified for Ordinary membership of the Association.

The ADCS Associates Network aims to keep Associate Members up to date with policy and service issues; to generally assist in the development of ADCS and its overall aims to improve outcomes for children and young people; and to provide a network which can be called upon for support by DCSs and local authorities, as required.

Membership Application

To request a membership application pack, please email us, detailing your name, authority/employer, address, email address, telephone number and line management details in accordance with the criteria set out in the descriptions of ordinary or associate membership, as detailed on this page.


Full details of membership can be found within the ADCS Ltd Memorandum & Articles of Association.

The membership year runs from 1st April - 31st March.