The ADCS Research Group

The ADCS Research Group is a sub-committee of the Standards, Performance & Inspection Policy Committee. It advises the Association on research issues and priorities and considers applications for the approval of research, which seeks to involve local authority children’s services departments. The Group also ensures that there is an ongoing dialogue with representatives of research organisations and institutions. Research into all aspects of children’s services is an important part of the professional landscape and as such research that is firmly evidence-led is valuable in continuing to improve services and service delivery.

Application form for support from the Research Group

This form will allow you to include information from other documents. Your completed form can be emailed as an attachment, sent by post or faxed. If you email the form, your email address will be taken as your signature, but if you mail or fax the form, you must remember to sign it. If you send the form, you should enclose a cheque for your fee. If you do not enclose a cheque you will be invoiced for the appropriate amount. Your application will not be processed until your fee is received.


The ADCS Ltd Research Group

Bloc, 17 Marble Street
M2 3AW
Tel: 0161 513 4299


Guidelines for Research Approval

Children’s services departments are frequently asked to take part in research exercises and surveys, and the Research Group wants to ensure that the projects carried out are worthwhile and that the topics best reflect the main concerns of departments.

View the guidelines for ADCS research approval

View the application form for ADCS research approval

Research at DfE

Overview of research at the Department: More

Please note: DfE projects are not required to come through the ADCS Research Group for approval